We’ve had campers report ice still in their ICEHOLE Cooler after ten days of camping. But there are a lot of variables that impact how long ice can last and obviously you want to make sure your beer stays cold as long as possible. We’ve given you the tools you need to make it happen with our military grade coolers, but just a little preparation can ensure the best outdoors experience, ever.


ICEHOLE Cooler’s are great at keeping things cool, but because of the thick insulation they can also retain heat. If you store your cooler in hot temperatures, you will lose ice quickly simply by sticking it in a hot cooler. Pre-chill your ICEHOLE Cooler with ice, ice packs, cool drinks or by storing it in a cool temperature room before you pack for your trip.

During your trip make sure not to leave your ICEHOLE Cooler in direct sunlight if possible. Extreme and direct heat will compromise your ice. Old sleeping bags, towels and tarps can also help create shade when nature doesn’t oblige.


Not all ice is created equal. Ice bags that have been in the back of the truck during transport may already be melting and won’t last long. Ice directly from the freezer will last substantially longer. As far as type, a mix of everything works best for long trips. Block ice won’t chill things quick but crushed ice melts faster. Use a mix of both for best results, along with any ice packs or space filler ice you can find.


If you load up your cooler with room temperature beer and food, it will use more ice to chill. Freeze or refrigerate your food and beer before you pack it to help it stay cold and keep it cold, longer. After your ICEHOLE Cooler is packed, fill any empty spaces with extra ice, frozen water bottles, zip-lock’s of frozen water or anything you can to ensure maximum space fillage. Cooling empty air in your ICEHOLE Cooler will waste ice!


Heat rises and cold air travels down, so it’s smart to pack first before adding your ice blocks and crushed ice on top. However try to put the things you are going to need access to first or most frequently at the top of the ICEHOLE Cooler. Limiting how often you open and close the lid and how long the lid stays open will keep hot air out. As the ice starts to melt, don’t drain it. The cold water will help to retain the temperature inside your ICEHOLE Cooler, just remember to move food out of the standing water. Try using zip-lock plastic bags or plastic containers to keep things dry.