ICEHOLE, LLC is a family-owned American business with a dedication to doing the right thing. We’re focused on doing just that! For over 35 years, we’ve been supplying the U.S. Military with products and accessories for a broad array of combat vehicles and equipment. Military Specifications are tough. And military users are hard on their gear—they have to be. So, when we decided to build a better high-performance cooler, we talked to friends and customers who use coolers for their outdoor activities. We knew that the coolers on the market were coming up short on some aspects. For instance, because they use foreign-made components, some of the quality varies more than it should. ICEHOLE just won’t accept components that are foreign-made or inferior in workmanship or materials. We know we can trust the U.S. Military, and we know we can trust American workers to build it right.

Better quality is why we think we offer the best warranty in the industry—a lifetime limited warranty. Our quality control is so exacting that we issue an individual serial number to every cooler we build. You can depend on ICEHOLE because we love the outdoors, and we put our own coolers through the kind of workout you would.


At ICEHOLE LLC, we believe in giving back to those who have made sacrifices for our safety and freedom. For that reason, a portion of every sale of an ICEHOLE cooler is donated to a non-profit organization to benefit our veterans, their families, and their survivors.

In addition to honoring the members of our Armed Forces, your purchase honors the American workers that built it. Our coolers are 100% made in the USA, supporting our country, our workers, and our troops.

These are some of our beneficiaries: